About me

Well, its  no easy to speak about ourselves, but let’s give it a try.
Still consider myself a girl and i’m also called by my colleagues by “miúda” (young girl) which is something good considering im already on my 30s.

Lived ever since by the sea, by Atlantic Ocean, can’t imagine to live away from it. It gives me just some peace of mind, when on the weekends or on bad weather day i can hear it from my window.

Love music but also love the silence.

Really really love to work with my voice. We are all born with something we are meant to  be and im glad i have discovered mine.

Love to travel (who doesn’t?!) but also love to be back.

Love my small and damaged car with 12 years (i won’t change you don’t worry).

Love my clients 😉 but even more, love my satisfied clients.

XO, from Porto.